So many times during our journey with Invisible Wounds we can feel alone, like no one understands and that no one ever will. We are here to pair you up with someone to help you with your battles with PTSD & TBI! You will be and have a Battle Buddy. No one is alone in their battle with these invisible wounds.


Please fill out the proper form below and tell us any information you'd like. We want to make sure we pair you up with someone who is fighting the same battle as you.


We will have Battle Leaders who will mentor groups of Battle Buddies to ensure everyone is prepared to fight their Invisible Wounds Battle. A monthly newsletter will be sent out with a topic providing tips, resources and more.

If you are interested in being a Battle Leader, please contact us for more information.

 This form is for those who have the Invisible Wounds (PTSD or TBI).

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 This form is for those who love someone with PTSD or TBI.

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