Sarah Privitar
Founder & President

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Renee Alvarez
Vice President
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Lena Flores
Secretary &
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 Ribbons For Troops Foundation is honored to bring you your ambassadors.

When a business professional and or celebrity invests their time as a way of giving back, and to say thank you. 

We at Ribbons For Troops Foundation are proud to keep you informed and up to date. With long-term relationships and personal sacrifices, we are dedicated to spreading awareness one ribbon at a time...

About Ribbons For Troops:

There are many organizations for troops, many for PTSD & TBI but this site will stand out as the only website dedicated to distributing the awareness ribbons as well as providing support for any families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Traumatic Brain Injury. We pride ourselves in having the utmost respect for those who are brave enough to fight for our country and their families who are strong enough to fight the battles on the home front.

About the Ribbon:

The ribbon and its colors represent a few things. Yellow is the color we use to support our troops, a sign that we are waiting 'till they all come home. Black signifies the dark past and unknown future that our men and women, along with their families, have to deal with daily. Finally, the red is a symbol of the rage and anger that goes hand in hand with the disorder and injury.


         The idea of an awareness ribbon for PTSD & TBI was sparked from a Facebook page, Military With PTSD. The founders of the page are making great strides towards awareness and Shawn Gourley, the wife of an American Sailor, has finished a book to provide to military families coping with PTSD.  She still continues to work with families and veterans all over the nation.

Sarah Privitar came to realize that there was no awareness ribbon specifically for military PTSD & TBI. The idea bloomed from there.  She put together a few different colors and styles of ribbons then shared a photo of them with veterans, friends and family.  After coming together with others the yellow, black & red ribbon was born.

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